Animal Welfare Events

The VECC Foundation identifies, on an annual basis, goodwill projects in communities where the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium is held. These projects include free veterinary care for pets of the homeless, free spay/neuter clinics, rebuilding a shelter damaged by Hurricane Katrina and donations to shelters in need.

Past Projects

2019 IVECCS, Washington DC: Free Veterinary Care in Prince George County

On September 5th VECCF volunteers partnered with the Prince George’s County SPCA to provide free veterinary care to 200 animals. Prince George’s County is an underserved community with many low income pet owners.

The Prince George County SPCA functions out of a trailer. Their team works tirelessly to obtain supply donations and to provide preventative services and basic medical care to pets owned by at risk families in their community.

During IVECCS 2019 VECCF raised over $14,000 through the raffle and generous donations from VECCS members. $7,000 was donated to the Prince George County SPCA.

“It feels good to do good. To be able to provide care without having to worry about whether or not the client could pay for it was amazing. And each and every pet owners was so grateful.” – Alyce D’Amato, VECCF President


2018 IVECCS, New Orleans: Louisiana SPCA Spay/ Neuter Day

On September 13, 2018 the VECCF partnered with the Louisiana SPCA and performed 64 spays and neuters on shelter animals as well as a feral cat population. Basic veterinary care was also provided and one of our volunteer criticalists helped trouble shoot complicated medical cases at the adoption center.


2017 IVECCS, Nashville: The Street Dog Coalition, Nashville, TN

In partnership with The Street Dog Coalition, VECC Foundation volunteers provided free veterinary care to pets of the homeless on the streets of Nashville. Fifty animals (49 dogs and 1 cat) were cared for.

Animals were given physical exams, vaccinated and tested for heartworm. We treated for parasites and minor skin conditions and sent families home with free heartworm preventative, and flea and tick control. SAFPAW (Southern Alliance for People and Animal Welfare), a local non-profit, provided spay/neuter vouchers and will continue their ongoing effort to ensure that these pets receive the care they need.

VECCF is proud to continue its partnership with The Street Dog Coalition. Through the combined effort of both organizations we plan to continue to provide free veterinary care to pets of the homeless in IVECCS host cities.

Street Dog     The Street Dog Coalition

2016 IVECCS, Dallas: Ranch Hand Rescue, South Argyle, TX

Over a dozen volunteers showed up at the Ranch Hand Rescue Sanctuary and spent the entire day assisting staff and RHR volunteers with much needed enclosure repairs, gate maintenance and various construction projects.

Ranch Hand Rescue is an animal sanctuary and counseling center. RHR rescues abused and neglected farm animals and, after rehabilitation, finds loving homes for them. For those animals that cannot be adopted out, RHR provides a caring and safe sanctuary. Under the guidance of a Licensed Professional Counselor, RHR utilizes Equine/Animal Assisted Counseling to provide hope and healing for children who have suffered severe trauma, have been the victim of abuse or domestic violence. For more information about this amazing organization visit

2015 IVECCS, Washingtson DC: VECCF Disaster Plan Consulting - Alexandria Welfare League

Dr. Lorna Lanman met with the Alexandria Welfare League assess their current evacuation and disaster plan. Dr. Lanman, provided detailed advice how to improve their plan and their evacuation strategy. She was pivotal in helping them draft a new plan that more appropriately manages pet and pet owner evacuation and animal housing and care. She was also able to facilitate better cooperation between.

2014 IVECCS, Indianapolis: Fundraising for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept.

In honor of the first annual VECCF Operational K9 Emergency Care & CPR Course, the Foundation set out to raise money for the IMPD K9 Association.  During the symposium, the VECC Foundation raised over $10,000.  Every penny was donated to the K9 Associated.  The Association used the funds to buy:

  • Oxygen masks and ambu bags for each K9 unit
  • Supplies needed to upgrade first aid kits
  • Much needed training supplies
  • Furminators and Ray Allen Harnesses

Other past projects of the VECCF include (1) a free, 3 day spay/neuter clinic on an Indian reservation in Arizona, (2) a new veterinary care suite, exercise area and building repairs for a non-profit rescue shelter near San Diego and (3) structure repair & equipment and supply donations for a New Orleans shelter damaged by Hurricane Katrina.


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