Our Causes

Working Dog SupportWorking Dog Support

The VECC foundation facilitates and supports training for law enforcement officers and fire fighters who need animal handling skills and first aid education. Our collaboration with these first responders has enhanced their ability to safely and appropriately handle frightened and injured animals and to provide immediate care for animals during emergent and critical situations.

Search and Rescue Dog Sponsorship

Since veterinary emergency and critical care professionals are dedicated to helping animals with urgent and critical medical needs, search and rescue dogs could be considered our counterparts. The VECC Foundation is proud to support these heroes. These donations fund training, help cover the cost of medical care and assist with the purchasing of supplies and equipment.

Disaster Relief - The Dougie Fund

The Dougie Fund for Disaster Relief was established by the VECC Foundation to provide reimbursement funds to veterinary professionals struggling to meet the needs of animals and animal caretakers impacted by disaster in their community. For more information about this fund click here.

Clinical InnovationClinical Innovation and Research Projects

The VECC Foundation provides financial support for innovative studies that encourage the pursuit of knowledge and technological advancement in the field of veterinary emergency and critical care.

The VECC Foundation considers proposals from university faculty members, specialists in private practice and medical investigators, that enhance our current knowledge and create the potential for groundbreaking discoveries that will improve our ability to diagnose, treat and prevent life-threatening disease and injury. Specific studies or programs that can be named after a particular donor are encouraged.

For more information about VECCF Research Grants please contact the VECCF office at info@veccs.org.

Charitable Needs

The VECC Foundation partners with non-profit organizations to provide funding and critical assistance, giving volunteers the support, shelter and supplies needed to help assess and treat suffering animals and prevent the spread of infectious disease.

The VECC Foundation identifies, on an annual basis, goodwill projects in communities where the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium is held. These projects include free education and training to K9 officers, free spay and neuter clinics, rebuilding a shelter damaged by Hurricane Katrina and donations to shelters in need.